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Want to serve up good cheer at your own party? Then our bar hire service is probably a perfect solution. 


We have over 10 years of experience working in boutique hotels and restaurants. With our close links to two fantastic North Yorkshire venues, we can provide bar and staffing packages to suit any event.

Because every occasion is different, we offer bespoke solutions. Final cost will depend on location, guest numbers and exact requirements but here is an indication of what we can do. 


Option 1

Hire the bar and equipment.

You buy your own drinks and provide your own service.
Prices from £200

Option 2

Hire the Bar. We provide the staff.

Prices from £400

Option 3

 Hire a fully stocked bar. Pre-pay for drinks in advance.

Prices from £200 + drinks cost

Option 4

Hire a fully stocked bar & staff.

Arrange for a pre-paid session with our team (minimum spend will apply). Our team will run a cash bar for you.

Prices from £400 + drinks cost

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